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Sandra Fernandez, Principal

Susie Rayos Marmon E.S.

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To build a community of life-long learners embracing self confidence & strength in preparation for an ever-changing technological world. 2018-2019


90 Day Plan - POP -Tier 1 Instruction & Intervention - Writing - Graduation - College & Career - AVID- Jensen - PARCC Released - Observational Inquiry - 21st Century Technology - MakerSpace - M2M - SeaPerch Robotics - Sharing of knowledge - SST - PBIS - 5th Leadership - TSI - Golden Apple, APS Foundation                                                 

~What a privilege is is to be in their lives. ~

Good morning, welcome back, and happy New Year!

Best news ever.  Thank you Governor Lujan Grisham.  May this New Year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and lots of new inspiration to your life.  Together, we embark upon our 2nd semester, our next new journey where we are given another chance to make a difference.

We will continue, as planned, addressing testing and the present evaluation system.  Attached please find domain 4 template and the OASYS doc to provide support for due dates as we venture into 2nd semester.  Most teachers have completed domain 1 and attached their lesson plan to OASYS.  Domain 4 is now open and ready for you to begin your submittals.  Walkthroughs and Observation 2, unscheduled, begin.

Thursday I have a scheduled Zone 2 meeting.  I will share any news on our present state of executive orders.  Again, many thanks to Governor Lujan Grisham, offering optimism to NM public education.

IREADY BOY, MOY data & PARCC practice -grade chairs report out - January 7 IC meeting.

BOY, MOY, and EOY assessments are standardized assessments and follow testing accommodations, accessibility features, IEP, 504, and testing environments stated on the students PNP.  Assessments are given once.

PAWS MID-YEAR REVIEW - January 9 ,10 , & 11 - See email with directives. Thank you Susan.

SPELLING BEE - January 11 - Spellers & families informed prior to winter break. Thank you Jamin.

DATA DIALOGUES - January 14, 15, 16 - complete sub form with Nikki. Prepare posting of student progress on hallway charts.

LCE FOCUS REVIEW January 29, 30 & 31 - Dual Language & ESL teachers will be visited and interviewed. Update your data to support your work addressing the needs of students.  Meeting -January 14- 2pm to discuss/review data expectations.

NATIVE POTLUCK - January 15- All welcome.

EMERGENCY PROCEDURES - distributed on January 4 PD. More info to come. Drill/overview -January 16 - all classrooms.

SANDIA MATH FAMILY NIGHT - January 23 -6pm  cafeteria - Thank you Joann and Sherri.

MID YEAR PDP -Due on OASYS by January 29.

EXPLORA MEMBERSHIPS - Old membership are honored until new ones arrive.

CAMERAS on schedule for installation.

SCIENCE FAIR - The Mark Dale Johnson Science Fair is February 26, 27 &28. To give students plenty of time to thoughtfully plan and execute their projects, science fair packets will be distributed the second week of January. Begin discussions & instruction about appropriate science fair projects as we begin the New Year. Questions, please see Susan.

90 Day Plan -Tier 1 Instruction & Intervention - POP 

Problem of Practice - ELA Standards RL.9 and RI.9: Compare & Contrast will be explicitly taught in all content areas.

ACTION PLAN per Instructional Rounds.

ACTION PLAN 1: Objective is posted - Students articulate objective -Teacher aligns objective to task with relevance to student interest. Content aligned to CCSS.  

ACTION PLAN 2: Students take ownership of their learning performance outcomes. Empower students with ownership of their learning by providing rubrics and clear objectives. Align the task to the objective/standards. Grade level standards directly aligned to CCSS and student driven. Content delivery has depth and is at grade level.


SRM Projected Budget Defense - February 5 - City Center - CORE team


Observation 2 -2019

Unscheduled - begins January 2019

Domain 1 - Lesson Plan

Upload your lesson plan to Domain 1 task

 Upload artifacts as required

Domain 4 - Professionalism

Complete Domain 4 task elements on domain 4 evidence template. Email template to your evaluator and upload template to Domain 4.Attach all artifacts as evidence to support Domain 4 Professionalism entries. The evidence statement you create will be posted on OASYS.


Transfer applications are open - check website or city center

Tuition reimbursement - from LCE for TESOL & Bilingual endorsement

PBIS -  PAWS ticket weekly drawing -Wednesday

TSI Grant - Permission slips at office; tutors chart progress of students on IREADY- more slots available

Rejuvenated, rested and ready to take on Semester 2, we continue our paramount journey focusing on PARCC testing strategies and projected outcomes, because, by golly, we are .13 percentage points shy of a D grade.  We have worked diligently to support our students with enhanced tier 1 instruction.  We have worked diligently to support our students with testing strategies for PARCC.  We have gone crazy with technology to enhance our students progress.  We have implemented the 90 day plan and POP.  And, its all working...   Together, our school grade improves and we knock their socks off.

Get ready, get set, and go.... this is our time to shine.  We've invested way too much.  

Look out APS, SRM is moving on up.

Welcome back.