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Sandra Fernandez, Principal

Susie Rayos Marmon E.S.

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Principal's message


To build a community of life-long learners embracing self confidence & strength in preparation for an ever-changing technological world. 2018-2019

90 Day Plan - POP -Tier 1 Instruction & Intervention - Writing - Graduation - College & Career - AVID

Culture/Climate - Jensen - PARCC Released - Observational Inquiry - 21st Century Technology - MakerSpace - M2M - SeaPerch Robotics

 Sharing of knowledge - SST - PBIS - Leadership - Bilingual Seal - Ballet Folkloric - TSI - Golden Apple, APS Foundation Grants - PARCC

~ What a privilege it is to be in their lives. ~

Welcome back fabulous lobos

Every year we reflect on how grateful we are for our alternative calendar. What a fabulous 2 weeks, with 7 days to go before we move into Turkey break.  Just love this time of year.  A huge shout out to Michelle and Sherri who came in over break to clean and prepare 506 for our new teacher.  Our new teacher is presently being processed.  We are hopeful she will be with us soon. 

What a fabulous family we are!  Many shout-outs are in order for our work prior to intersession.  Our PAWS Assemblies & GREAT helicopter Graduation were absolutely wonderful.  Many thanks to Michelle and Susan.  Our Road Runner food panty, just fabulous, thank you Laura and all who supported.  Fall Harvest raised over $5000 that we give back to our children.  Sherri rocks AVID.  Joann held a field trip over break for her children.  Cali held a clothing swap.  Maggie is preparing a pizza incentive for uniforms.  Many of us attended PD over break to enrich our work. Our parent conference days ran so smoothly promoting happy children and happy families. 

The next few weeks we will be embracing, 90 day plan monitoring, EXPLORA, Staff Holiday luncheons, Dia de las Estrellas, Secret Pal reveal, Jensen, Volunteer Appreciation breakfast and an SRM Winter gathering is in the planning stages.  Many thanks to all who consistently go over and above to support our children and each other.

SRM welcomes Leah Action, our new 4/5 teacher.

Instructional Guidelines for the holiday season - please read them!

Johanna King to visit SRM on Wednesday morning (w/channel 4) -interview students/teachers from SRM & School on Wheels.  Get ready.

Thanksgiving luncheon -Thursday, November 15. Invite families - lunch schedule will change for the day

Instructional Rounds - Thursday, November 15 - Administrators will be back to visit classrooms and check our progress.  Post objectives, students must be able to articulate.

Special Education District Compliance meeting - Thursday, November 15 2pm - Rosettes room.

Conference sign-in sheet due to Dolores - Title 1 compliance

Fine Arts proposal -submitted - we are looking at music & art integrated in our school day as early as January 2019!  Thank you Anna and Carmen.

SeaPerch Underwater Robotics - Please respond asap if you are interested in being a part of this program.

School grade appeal - Our appeal was recognized. Only school recognized in the district.  We moved from 37.18 to 37.33 - we are now .17 < a D.

Visitors in the building- continue to remind visitors to report to the office, sign-in, & wear a visitors badge when entering our school hallways from 7:15 to 1:50 PM.  Inform the office if a meeting is scheduled prior to school day.

Classroom visitors during Instructional time - prior to break we had incidences of parents seeking to go to their child's classroom during instructional time. The office WILL NOT allow a family member to visit a classroom if YOU have not notified the office. It is your responsibility to inform the office you are approving a visitor during instructional time.

Special Education supports for students who attend general education classes:  IEP students who attend general education- ACCOMMODATION/MODIFICATIONS to general education curriculum must be in place to support student success.

November 12  Instructional Rounds pre visit; Parent conference sign-in due; IC meeting 2:15pm

November 13  4th & 5th teachers -2pm Sherri's room; Native Potluck

November 14  Johanna King visits & interviews

November 15  Thanksgiving luncheon; INSTRUCTIONAL ROUNDS; Special Education 2pm

November 16   Fire drill

November 19   Technology meeting 2pm - Carmen's office

November 20   Turkey time is here!

SRM Problem of Practice: Tier 1 Instruction, Tier 1 Intervention

ELA Standards RL.9 and RI.9: Compare & Contrast will be explicitly taught in all content areas.

         ACTION PLAN to be observed on November 15:

  • Objective is posted in a visible location.

  • Students will articulate objective.

  • Teachers align objective to task with relevance to student interest. 

  • Content is task aligned to CCSS.


Observation 1 - SRM due date: December 10

Scheduled Pre-observation & Observation 1

Upload detailed lesson plan within the ‘Pre-Observation Form’ task prior to the Observation 1

Schedule your Post-observation within 10 days of Observation 1

Domain 1 - Lesson Plan 

Use lesson plan for Observation 1 - upload in Pre-Observation form task and Domain 1 task

Upload artifacts as required


PARCC released items - APS website - Key to success - practice, practice, practice

Tuition reimbursement - from LCE for TESOL and Bilingual endorsement

PBIS -  PAWS ticket weekly drawing on Wednesdays

MakerSpace - Kudos to Stephanie and Sherri spearheading this creative space

SeaPerch - you have an opportunity to be a part of the robotics team.

TSI Grant - Permission slips at office; tutors chart progress of students on IREADY- more slots available

AVID - plans underway -more on January 4

Benchmark ELA - January 4 pd

At this time of Thanksgiving, I would like to express to you, my gratitude.  

Each of you bring such incredible gifts.  Your uniqueness, your purposeful dedication to children and families, and  your overpowering kindness and compassion for others.  We greet this Thanksgiving season with heartfelt thankfulness for all that is good.  Please keep each other close.

We are together again. See you in the morning.  


*Next Sunday memo: November 25.