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Attendance tips for parents

tips for parents

1. Regularly reinforce the value and importance of an education with your son/daughter. 

2. Speak to your son/daughter about the importance of attendance and its impact on learning. 

3. Talk to your child about responsibility and the need to develop good work habits and positive attitudes. Make every possible effort to schedule doctor, dentist, and other appointments after school hours. 

4. When you must schedule appointments during the school day, try to stagger them so that your child does not miss the same class every time. 

5. If your child must be out of school for an appointment, make every effort to get him/her back to school for at least part of the school day. 

6. Refuse to approve an absence for anything other than a legitimate reason. 

7. Plan vacations in accordance with the school calendar. We do our best to plan vacations and days off around times that parents will typically be off from work. 

8. Make sure that your child understands that it is his/her responsibility to make up work required by the teacher(s), and if you know in advance that your child must be absent, please advise the office and your child's teacher(s), when possible. 

9. If your child is ill or contagious, please use good judgment regarding school attendance. 

10. Check your child’s attendance regularly. 

11. Parents should maintain communication with school personnel. 

12. Update emergency card information as changes occur (phone number, address, parent work location, etc.) 

13. Promote a positive attitude toward education. 

Keep Your Teen Interested in School

Your active interest in your teen’s school experiences increases their opportunities for school and career success. Consider these helpful tips when talking with your teen. 

• Look for ways to show interest, such as regularly inquiring about their school day, teachers, homework, school activities, sports and classmates. 

• Talk about why you view a high school diploma as important to their future success in life. 

• Invite others to discuss/share job hunting experiences with your teen (if possible, include both those with and those without high school diplomas). 

• Make it clear that missing school is unacceptable. Find out the school’s attendance procedures on student absences, and inform your teens that you plan to support the school’s procedures. 


Parents and families must be active partners in dealing with their son/daughter’s attendance. When parents are involved in their children's education, students do better in school and in life, parents become empowered, teacher morale improves, schools get better, communities grow stronger.

A Friendly Reminder Regarding Student Absences from School

Student attendance will be recorded by 10am on SYNERGY on a daily basis.


The Susie Rayos Marmon attendance procedures for all teachers and school support personnel are as follows:


1st:   If a student has 2 unexcused absences –the teacher will make contact with the family to problem-solve the situation.


2nd:   If a student has 5 unexcused absences* –the teacher will make contact with the family and forward their absentee documentation to the counselor. I will also obtain an absentee report from the office.

* If a child misses one or more weeks of school (equal to 5 consecutive school days), due to a reported “sickness,” but no official doctor’s note is brought in after 5 missed days, this will be considered as 5 days of unexcused absences.


3rd:   After 5 unexcused absences from school, the counselor will make contact with the family as well and schedule a meeting to problem-solve how to get the student back to consistently attending school.  An attendance contract will be signed at this meeting.


4th:   If a student has 10 unexcused absences, a Health and Wellness meeting will be scheduled with the family and a Habitually Truancy letter will be signed by the parent and sent to the district. After the 10th unexcused absence, the school’s Truancy advisor will be notified. The Truancy Officer make a referral to the District Attendance Office.


5th:   If a student has up to 15 unexcused absences, the school and APS District Attendance Office will make a referral to CYFD, which the school and district are mandated to contact, by law.


However, none of us should EVER have to get to steps 4 and 5!  Let’s work it out together and provide the family with all community-based resources available to help get the student to school on time each day!