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These tips can help your child succeed in school

Albuquerque Journal/ Opinion

By Tom Graham / Retired Elementary School Principal | Sun, Aug 25, 2013

Principal's Message

Lobo News 12.31

SRM STRONG 2017-2018

Tier 1 Instruction - Tier 1 Differentiated Instruction - Family Engagement - CGP- Data Dialogues 

IStation- CORE - RTI/SAT- ST Math - 90 Day Plan - Jensen - 21st century Technology -PARCC

Remember why we're here....

And, now we welcome the New Year, full of things that have never been.


Welcome back and happy New Years Eve!


We hope your winter break was absolutely fabulous and you enjoyed precious time with family and friends.  In those precious moments are where we create the memories of our lifetime.  We create our happiness, we create our joy, and we build the goodness that surrounds us.  


New Years day is the beginning of anything you want it to be.  As the master of your own universe, it is you who will create exactly what you have chosen to create.  Happy New Year, oh great and powerful one!


January 2,  Tuesday, is a certified staff, Professional Development day.  Bring laptops fully charged and snacks to share.  We will be meeting in the library and will begin promptly.  Nikki will be sending out the agenda.

The Instructional Council has asked that you sign up for your PD station.  Kudos to our IC who prepared our fabulous PD day. Many thanks to those who have offered to share their expertise. (Sharing, leading, speaks to 5, Exemplary)


Educational Assistants - we will see you on Wednesday, January 3.  Woo hoo, lucky you!


PARCC as our 2nd semester opens, testing is our primary focus. Janie and Carole will be offering an overview and supporting questions on Tuesday.  It is highly critical that each classroom practice for PARCC.  Students receiving accommodations are required to practice accommodations prior to the test to achieve testing success.


RE-IMAGING LAPTOPS - back up all your docs/files on your laptop to prepare for the re-imaging process in January. Thank you Daniela.


REAMS OF PAPER- will be available in the workroom for your use. Each grade level will also receive 1 case of paper. 



  • Threat occurs
  • Threat is reported to administration
  • Administration contacts district re: formal and informal
  • Assessment takes place by counselor/social worker/nurse
  • Administration/designee contacts parents/guardians
  • Child is supervised and sent home in care of parents/guardians

ROOM 207 will be converted to a teacher learning center

STATION MOY- begins on Janary 3

ACCESS - begins January 22

Child suspected for retention - SAT packet in place, meeting was held prior to January 2018.

Confidential information - given to parents/guardians listed on registration card.  Emergency contacts are not legal guardians.

Keep outside doors closed - we have people entering our building due to outside doors left open.

Campus painting - work order has been submitted for all campus painting - see Sara or I if you are interested in creating your own space of color, mural, or hallway art.



  • POLAR EXPRESS & COMPLIMENT DAY, a fabulous ending to our 1st semester
  • JOE'S PASTA HOUSE did it again!  Delicious luncheon and heartwarming sharing for all,
  • FAMILY NIGHT at EXPLORA, another incredible evening of student, parent, & staff participation.  It was amazing to see so many staff attend. Thank you Diane and Carmen for orchestrating this event.
  • DONATIONS - Roxanne supports another season of donations for our children and families.
  • KUDOS to the INSTRUCTIONAL COUNCIL for coming together for site based PD January 2.
  • TAKE A LOOK AT OUR CAFETERIA FLOORS -a New Years surprise from special community members.

OASYS Semester ll:

Mid year PDP- due by January 29, 2018 - all certified

Observation 2 -Unscheduled: standards, student work, rubrics, data, mission statements posted. Seeking group processes that are student directed to score 4, highly effective.  Observations begin January 3.

Pre observation questions are optional.

Post observation reflection questions are optional. (This task provides evidence for Domain 4 - Reflection on Practice.)

Domain 4 - Begin collection/submittal of artifacts to support Domain 4: Professionalism. Due: April 2018



JANUARY 2 -  PD - certified staff only -2/3 PD, 1/3 teacher prep - bring goodies to share.

JANUARY 3 -  Students return. ISTATION MOY testing begins

JANUARY 9 -  Lobo check-in 7:15

JANUARY 9 -  Indian Ed Pot Luck and SRM day planning meeting

JANUARY 10 - Mid term progress reporting

JANUARY 10 - Health & Wellness team- 7:15 - 04

JANUARY 11 - CCSS Articulation PD- 2:15-3:15 -certified -January 11 -February 8 -March 8.

JANUARY 15 - Martin Luther King Jr. - no school

JANUARY 22 - ACCESS begins - all ELL students

JANUARY 24 - Sandia Labs Math night - 6pm - pizza served.

JANUARY 25 - The Morning Scoop - 8am

JANUARY 29 - Mid year PDP due on OASYS

JANUARY 30 - Staff meeting 6:55- 1st grade hosts.


Your happiness and success lies within you. Your lobo family appreciates you and loves you. 

I am excited to get back to normalcy and to see everyone.  Until Tuesday,... let's celebrate the joy as we bring in another beautiful New Year full of hope and promise. 

Hugs to all.