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These tips can help your child succeed in school

Albuquerque Journal/ Opinion

By Tom Graham / Retired Elementary School Principal | Sun, Aug 25, 2013

Principal's Message

Lobo News 3.18

SRM STRONG 2017-2018

Tier 1 Instruction- Tier 1 Differentiated Instruction- CGP- Data Dialogues -CCSS Vertical PD -

ISATION- CORE- RTI/SAT- ST Math- 90 Day Plan- Jensen -Innovative Technology - Test prep- ACCESS 



Remember why we're here....

I’m not telling you its going to be easy.   I'm telling you it’s going to be worth it. 


Good morning lobos 


5 more glorious days until we break for Spring Intersession.  This is the time to ramp up classroom instruction and testing focus before we move into our high-stakes testing.  School focus is on student achievement, testing preparation, and practice.  What will your students be working on over intersession?   Are you preparing your students with specific practice?   Are you ready for PARCC?  Are your students ready or are you just going to use the same excuse you used last year.  These are your children.  You owe it to them.


Our school grade, inclusive of PARCC, SBA, IStation, Access, are a reflection of your work.   We have no time for loss of instruction and parties.  If the classroom teacher is not serious and dedicated to their work, how can we possibly expect the children to be.  Your children mirror what you do.  Your children have the right to a quality education. 


Morning announcements will continue at 7:45ish until after PARCC testing.  Janie will be reviewing testing tips each morning.  Encourage your students to copy the testing tips.  All students benefit by understanding their part.  Kudos to all who are keeping a classroom list of the  PARCC vocabulary words and definitions posted in their classrooms, that is called working together.


Classroom Observations  2 will continue this week.


*K3+ Summer program at SRM - Encourage all K-2 families.

*Remind parents: Online registration for fall - ParentVUE

*SRM Yearbook - pre-sales until March 23

*ChromeBooks are in - thank you tech team - want some, join the team

*Lobo mural - thank you to Ms. Henry's daughter for finishing our mural

*Testing team - PNP preparation and submittal required to district by March 23.  Focus on testing environments, accommodations, accessibility features. We will be working on the PARCC testing schedule over intersession. 504 or addendum, get them done.


APS Foundation provides an opportunity for us to create a MakerSpace on our campus for Fall 2018.  Any staff member interested in working with the team on the grant application, research and development, and creation of the space are encouraged to contribute to our Google Doc application. See Diane and Carmen for more information.


April is National School Library month and April 8-14 is National Library week.

Dion’s/Isotopes Club Read scorecards will be placed in mailboxes to distribute to your students. 

Our 2018-2019 Operation Budget was received on Saturday; inclusive of discretionary and bilingual. Changes to come...



  • Testing folder is on Google drive
  • 2018 TEST SECURITY TRAINING - required
  •  PARCC begins - April 16 -  EOC's begin - April 30.

Pop Tabs-  Joann & Maggie

Kona Ice - Fridays

Box tops - Maggie.

Campus painting - all campus painting this summer- let us know if you are interested in creating your own space of color, mural, or hallway art.


OASYS Semester ll:

OBSERVATION 2- SRM FOCUS- Evidence of PARCC strategies in your practice and stated in lesson plans. Rubrics, standards, objectives, groups, student work, students lead: 4.  PRE & POST QUESTIONS- OPTIONAL.

DOMAIN 4 - Attach template to OASYS as artifact.  Submit artifacts by April 9, 2018


Vision for 2018-2019 ...

SRM 90 Day Plan generates:

TSI Grant: K-5th+ Extended Summer program at SRM for 2018-2019

2018-2019 - School year Intensive Tutoring in Reading and Math by Effective and Highly Effective teachers

                              Continuum  of Special Education Services - Year 1


MakerSpace, Fall 2018

Technological practices integrated school-wide

5th Grade Leadership

Ballet Foklorico Dance Program through Bilingual


Moving forward:

MARCH 20- Staff meeting- testing- support staff/pull-outs hosts

MARCH 22 - EA meeting 

MARCH 23 - Native student recognition - names to Ginger

MARCH 26 - April 6 - Spring Intersession!

April 5 - Paraprofessional's Day

APRIL 9 - Domain 4 due

APRIL 10 - Staff meeting - EA's host - CHANGED DATE due to budget call

APRIL 11 - PARCC Test Administrators meet to review process-2pm library - required for all TA's - LAPTOPS NEEDED

APRIL 12 - 5th visits JCMS

APRIL 13 - Budget due; PARCC Test Administrators, (TA's) meeting-library -distribution of manila folders - LAPTOPS NEEDED

APRIL 16 - PARCC begins for 3, 4, & 5 grades

APRIL 20 - SRM Day


May 8, 9, 10 - Data dialogues

May 9 - Teacher Appreciation day


Creativity is not someone you are.  Creativity is something you do. 

Here's to  a fabulous intersession. 


Enjoy the beautiful weather.  Relax and make time for yourself for April 9 is just around the corner.


Remember why we're here...