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Susie Rayos Marmon

Susie Rayos Marmon

Copyright of the Lee Marmon Pictorial Collection has been transferred to the CSWR. No institutional restrictions placed on use of this collection. Rights to the digital resource are held by the University of New Mexico

1877 - 1988

Native Americans regard education as the number one priority in one's life endeavors. Mrs. Marmon exemplified the blending together of two cultures, retaining the old while learning the new. Through her life story, young Indian children have another fine role model upon which to build their lives. Dual languages and multicultural experiences can only enrich our children's lives.

Mrs. Marmon told Laguna stories or legends long ago. Here at our school these stories are being told once again, teaching us about our past and giving us strength to build a bright and rewarding future; to work for our goals.

Susie Rayos Marmon devoted her life to her family and her career as a teacher and education of Indian children. She was among a handful of Indian girls of her time to pursue an extensive education. She graduated from Bloomsburg State Teacher's College in Pennsylvania in 1906. In an one-room building behind her home in Laguna she taught Pueblo children for nearly 50 years.