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Phone calls / Recess / Safety


All children go outside to play at recess. Help your child plan for outdoor time by dressing appropriately. During inclement weather, children will have recess indoors.

By definition, recess is termed " Instructional Time" For this reason, teachers may use recess time for children to make up missed or incomplete work. Students may also lose recess privileges should their behavior warrant limits to their unstructured play time. Students who follow rules and play in a safe manner are welcome to enjoy recess with their peers; students who choose not to follow rules or are playing in ways that are not safe, may lose the recess privilege at the discretion of the classroom teacher or school administrator.


Fire drills are held 4 times the first month of school and at least once a month thereafter.

"Lockdown"  or "Shelter in PLace" drills are held during the years as well. These drills are designed to practice for the unlikely event of a fire, an intruder, or other problem on our campus or immediate neighborhood surrounding the school.

Please discuss our evacuation plans with your children so they can share what they have learned.



In the case of emergency, illness and/or another concern, your child's teacher, the Health Office or the office staff will contact you by phone. Students are not allowed to call home unless directed by their teacher.

To curtain interruption of precious instructional time, al after-school plans should be made at home.