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Students are responsible for making up any missed assignments and will have the opportunity to complete the work in a period of time equal to the number of days absent unless other arrangements have been mutually agreed upon by the student and teacher. Students may complete work for all excused absences and for up to 10 unexcused absences.

Teachers may need 24 hours from the time of the request to compile assignments. Failure to complete make-up work in the time allowed may place students at risk of not earning class credits.

Attendance / Tardy Policy


Students are tardy if they arrive after the 2nd bell at 7:43a.m. All students that are not in the cafeteria eating breakfast, must be signed in by a parent/guardian, near the front office to receive a tardy slip.   
All absences must be phoned in by a parent/guardian, to 831-5400, leaving the reason for the absence on the school attendance line.  Absences which are considered "excused" are for illness, family emergency, bereavement, and some ceremonial holidays.   Vacations taken during calendared school days, will not be considered "excused".
All absences for illness lasting three (3) or more days in a row, require a doctor's note in order to excuse the absences.
Any child who has reached five (5) unexcused absences is a child considered "in need of intervention".   We will be contacting parents to set up a meeting to help resolve this issue.  A student who has reached ten (10) or more unexcused absences, may be referred to the Truancy Officer for further interventions.
If you need help with attendance issues, or have any concerns, please contact your child's teacher or the School Counselor.  We are here to help ensure your child gets to school every day, so they can learn and develop good habits for success in school.


  • A parent /guardian must notify the school each day that the student will be absent in accordance with the notification procedure established by the school. Only the student's parent/guardian may report an absence.

If a child has symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, cough or vomiting, please, consider keeping them home.

  • A doctor's excuse is REQUIRED when a student has either a doctor or dentist appointment.

Elective appointments (dentist, vision, and well-child check-ups) should be scheduled outside the instructional day. If this is not possible, documentation from the doctor's office MUST be provided to the office the following day.

  • A parent/guardian shall keep the school informed of their current address and phone number for emergency notifications.

CHRONIC ABSENTEEISM OF TARDINESS will be reported to the APS Truancy Office. The student's status will be evaluated for possible violation of the NM Compulsory School Attendance Law and may be referred to the Albuquerque District Attorney's Office. A referral to NM Department of Children, Youth and Families for Educational Neglect will also be made. Parents of children with chronic conditions may contact the Principal or School Counselor for further information about support systems.

Students absent for 10 consecutive days without notifying the school as to the reason will be automatically withdrawn.


  • An ABSENT CALL, from the APS District's automated system, will be sent out to the parent/legal guardian at 10:30 am and again at 4:30 pm if the student is not recorded as present.
  • Absences may be EXCUSED for the following reasons with appropriate documentation:
    • Illness (including chronic illness documented on a health plan, IEP, or 504 plan)
    • Limited family emergencies; family deaths
    • Medical, health or legal appointments
    • Suspensions
    • Religious commitment
    • Deployment of a military parent as defined in the "Military Children procedural directive"
  • Limited extenuating cIrcumstances as approved in advance by the school principal
  • ALL absences for other reasons are UNEXCUSED including
    • Family vacations outside normally scheduled school break
    • Non-school sponsored activities or trips
  • Half day absences will be added together to equal a full day
  • Absences follow the student throughout the school year, from semester to semester and from school to school
  • The parent/ legal guardian of those students who reach the 3 day unexcused absences will receive a phone call
  • The parent/ legal guardian of those students who reach the 5 day unexcused absences will receive a phone call, and will be required to sign an attendance contract with the school staff
  • The parent/ legal guardian of those students who reach the 10 day unexcused absences will receive written notice of habitual truancy by mail or by a personal delivery


Parent drop off 7:30 - 7:43

Drop off for students in grade K-5

Warning bell 7:38

All students must go to their lines

School Begins 7:43

Students are in class


Teachers will leave their duty stations at 7:43. Students arriving to school after 7:43 are considered tardy and must be escorted and signed in at the office by a parent or guardian.

Visitor passes are issued at the office for parents and guardian who wish to enter the school from 7:38 to 1:30.

Dismissal is at 1:50. Teachers will escort students down the hallways. Bus students will move to the bus area. Parent pick-up students will move to the Parent pick-up area. We ask that parents and guardians who wish to pick up their child please wait in the school foyer.

When a student is ill, call the school ATTENDANCE LINE at (505) 831-5400 ext.58897 before 9:00 am on the day of the absence. The voice prompt will ask you the following:

  • student's name
  • parent/guardian name
  • teacher
  • reason for absence

The child's teacher should also be notified in the event of extended absences due to illness, out-of-town trips, family emergencies, etc.

*** Absences CANNOT be changed in the computer after 3 days. Please make sure to call the attendance line when your child is absent


  • Absences due to school-related activities shall not be included when evaluating excessive absences
  • A student shall not be allowed more than 10 school related absences per class per semester
  • State law requires schools to withdraw a student after 10 consecutive days of absence