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Bilingual Brochure (En/Sp)

Check the web site for updates and news as the year progresses.


Contact the school 831-5400 and ask for a dual language staff member if you have further questions.

Dual Language - home

Welcome to the Dual Language Web Page!

S. R. Marmon offers a 50/50 dual language program for students in grades K-5.  Students learn both English and Spanish in a classroom where about half of the students have English as their home language and about half have Spanish as their home language. This is known as a two-way bilingual emersion program. This model allows students to learn from one another as well as his or her teacher. 


The SRM dual language staff is very committed to this model and to the children who are enrolled in our program. It is best for students to begin in kindergarten but first grade also accepts new students. In second grade and above students who are bilingual and bi-literate are good candidates to enter the program, as are students who are academically proficient or advanced.  


Inquire at registration if you are interested in having your child in a dual language classroom.


As we begin our new school year and are planning our curriculum our mission statement guides us as well as the Common Core State Standards adopted by New Mexico and 45 other states across the country.


The Mission of the Dual Language Team is…

  • To develop, confident, competent bilingual, bi-literate students who know where they are and where they are going academically.
  • We will do this through a culture of openness, honesty & respect. Focusing on academic alignment, common values, clarity of communication and trusting teamwork.
  • It will happen through collaborative agreement and measureable high academic expectations!

Great Web Site for Parents and Teachers


Please visit Colorín Colorado at a bilingual site for families and educators of English language learners.

This is a great site and is in both English and Spanish.  Here is a list of some topics just for parents:

·  What you can do at home

·  Helping your child succeed at school

·  Building Strong Parent-Teacher Partnerships

·  Let's read: Fun reading tips, activities, and more!